Sunday, March 19, 2023

I am sad, I do

Hi everyone. 

It's me again.

I thought I am in love yet I am getting ready for another heartbreak. I am well prepared isnt it? Iffah, come on this is not your first time. You can handle a two years heartbreak, I am so sure this time you could do better. I really hope that he gets his best. Thank you so much for those two months, I am beyond grateful and happy. I never felt that good. Ya, even for a while. Thank you so much. I would not find another, I promise to myself. It was nice meeting you after all. I really had a good times. 

As times passed by, you cannot bring everything that you have today to your future. You have to choose, even though the decision is hard. But trust me, it will be better to decide now other than you regret later. We are human, we made mistakes, we do confuse. That is why we need to go back to Allah, He needs to know everything. Literally everything. 

I am glad I told him everything about you. He knows me well. He knows me better. He knows the best. I can't wait for my future endeavors.

I would be lying if I say I am not sad, but that is what the consequences that I have to take. Feeling sad. He is fair. I know my sadness today will bring happy tears in future. I believe that there must be a reason why we knew and met each other. Where did I find the courage to go to meet you even though it was my first time meeting man that I knew online. He must prepare something for me forward. 

I guess that is all. 

See you later. 

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